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Publish reliable code at near light speed. Easily manage the entire process from commit to launch.

cloud sidekick helps organizations continuously deliver high-quality software releases more frequently by merging proven methodologies with empowering tools and technology. This Continuous Delivery approach has demonstrated the ability to increase release velocity and overall team efficiency. We can help you spend more time developing high quality software and less time managing your development process.


cloud sidekick offers a unique suite of products, designed from the ground up to leverage and augment your existing tools. If Continuous Delivery is the dream, our products make it a reality.

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The cloud sidekick team draws upon our mastery of IT automation and expertise integrating best-of-breed automation tools, leveraging our own proven methodology to help you build better software faster.

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“We depend on a myriad of tools to support our Dev/Test process. Tools like Jenkins, Selenium, git, Nagios, Chef and JIRA. cloud sidekick has quickly become the glue that unifies these tools providing a single Dev/Test Management Portal that automates and streamlines the entire lifecycle.”

- VP of Development for a mega online retailer

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cloud sidekick was founded in 1999 by a team of automation platform experts.

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cloud sidekick’s unique approach to building and managing has made our life much easier here!”

Richard Merwin, ERP System Architect, NCSU